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This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

Bike Show Extravaganza

By 100 Mile Mike

Never before has Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine put this much talent under one roof! Anybody that's anybody will be at the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show Saturday, January 17th, and Sunday, January 18th, at the KCI Expo Center at 11730 NW Ambassador Drive in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stars from three different highly rated reality TV shows will be at this year's bike show. TruTV's favorite duo Mike and Angie Ballard of Full Throttle Saloon fame will join the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally atmosphere here in Kansas City at the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show. In addition to Mike and Angie, Rusty "Rane Quinn" Coones will be on site representing the "Sons of Anarchy", the FX Network television drama that depicts the fictional lives of a notorious outlaw motorcycle club.

"Outlaw Country", new to the reality television scene from WGN America, will have stars from their cast to meet and greet show goers at the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show. "Outlaw Country" takes place in Buckner, Missouri, a mere thirty miles east of Kansas City. The show chronicles the clash between Chief of Police Mike Cook and his brother Steve versus suspected trouble-makers John and Josh Monk. Previously, Buckner Mayor Dan Hickson has been featured in the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show and magazine with his custom Victory motorcycle builds. Look for another one of Dan's Victorys in the show again this year.
Gladstone Dodge ( is welcomed to the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine family as a major sponsor of this year's bike show. Troy Pratt, New Car Sales Manager of Gladstone Dodge, has extended the opportunity of receiving the supplier and employee pricing option for any Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, or Ram to the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine family. So when you walk into the Gladstone Dodge dealership at 5610 North Oak Trafficway in Gladstone, Missouri, tell them "Wide Open sent me!" and save some cash on your new vehicle purchase. In the meantime be sure to check out their display of some the new 'lifted' Ram trucks and Jeeps and Dodge Challengers at the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show.

There will be something for everyone at this year's Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show. The Bike Show will offer trophies in more than thirty different classes, which should cover nearly every make and model of motorcycle. American Bagger Magazine will be at the show conducting the Baddest Bagger Competition for the Kansas City title. There will be a Bike Stereo contest to see who can break the decibel meter. If you've got some great ink you would like to show off, be sure you enter the tattoo contest. For those gals who have continued their daily workouts during the cold overcast winter months, bring that sculpted body of yours to the show, enter the bikini contest, win some prizes, impress all the guys, and make the other girls jealous.

Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Calendar Girls will be at the show. Get your 2015 Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Calendar, and meet Heather, Val, Madison, Amanda, Sam, Alice, Kelsey, Kelsey (yep, two Kelseys), Morgan, Jessica, Jessica (uh-huh), and Jaime. The lovely ladies at the Wide Open display will be happy to autograph your calendar, and you might even get a photo op as well!

Come one, come all, come early, stay late, come Saturday, come Sunday, come to the Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine Custom Bike Show Saturday, January 17th, and Sunday, January 18th, at the KCI Expo Center at 11730 NW Ambassador Drive in Kansas City, Missouri for a great time.

Here's a Sampling of the
Bike Show Issue's Features:

Four Corners Motorcycle Rally
Well first off, a 3 day weekend is not enough time to even get acquainted with all the legendary rides and spectacular scenery that the Four Corners area has to offer. No matter which route you plan to take, getting side-tracked is almost a sure bet. . . . Page 10

Rough Riders
Offer Affordable Comfortable Camp Gear

"For the cost of one night in a posh hotel in Key West, you can own a lifetime of comfortable shelter," Gale and Jason Holsman, of Kansas City, Missouri, stated, as they unveiled their new line of camping gear distributed through their new company Rough Riders Touring Performance Gear. "Our camping gear is designed specifically for motorcycle touring, to help encourage average cruising riders to become more adventuresome riders and see ..Page 14

Jesse Roades' Re-Cycle
Well folks, he's at it again. We are going to be featuring two bikes from the mind of Jesse Roades this issue. Jesse collaborated with a different builder on each scooter. This particular bike is the result of the team of Jesse and the crew at Hard Core Customs. . . .17

Mike Kane's 87 FXR
If you've been riding motorcycles any time at all you've heard the phrase "ride it like you stole it" over and over. These six little words can be found on t-shirts, vest patches, helmet stickers, tattoos, and have even been used as advertising slogans over and over for many years. Hell, I'm sure I have even said it on more than one occasion. The funny thing is, I never really thought about it happening. Going forward when I hear the phrase I am going to think of a sweet looking red FXR.. . .Page 24

Jim Franklin's 2010 Road King
One of my favorite parts of writing bike features has always been the story behind the bike. Some stories are very simple while others may be comical or even sad. Talking to or learning about the owner of each bike is interesting and gives you a little insight into the person's life. Sometimes the bike itself ends up being the majority of the story while the better story of the owner goes untold. . . . Page 30

Gladstone Dodge
Ralph has been a businessman for a long time. Many of you may not realize this, but back in the 80's he was arranging and promoting bass tournaments down in the Lake of the Ozarks area of Missouri. During this time, he partnered up with Boots Williams Ford. ..Page 34

Jesse Roades' 2014 Street Glide
As I previously stated in the "Re-Cycle" feature, we are featuring two bikes from the mind of Jesse Roades this issue. Unlike the Re-Cycle bike, this time Jesse started with a clean slate. A bone stock 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide from Gail's Harley-Davidson was chosen to be the starting point for this project. The 2014 touring models were another update to the Motor Company's classic touring line with a redesigned Batwing fairing with a Splitstream vent to reduce wind buffet to the rider's head. Other upgrades included halogen headlamp, Boom Audio system with a four channel 25 watt amplifier driving four speakers. All in all, the entire bike in stock form was a pretty impressive scooter. . . .Page 36

The Overpass
I awoke at about 6:30 am and all I could think about was the ride, getting out there on the road. I wonder sometimes what people without a Harley do for fun. With me it's even more than that, it's a way of life. I get up, look outside and make sure my girl is still there. Yes, I worry about her. There are people out there that are dumb enough to try to steal even my bike. There are a few things in life that I would kill over: my Country, my Family, my Life and my Bike. I think that is because I get to enjoy my country, deal with my family and love my life all because of my bike. I wonder if Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson knew what they were bringing into the world when they started building them first bikes. . .Page 44

Kansas City
Motorcycle Legend Dies
On December the 15th, 2014 Russell Albert Stuckey, 96, of Independence, Missouri passed at his home. A memorial visitation was held Monday, December 22nd with many motorcyclists in attendance, I'm sure. . . Page 48

Why We Shop at Gails
When you walk into Gail's you feel at home. If you're an old school greaser biker or a new school biker, if you're from the Kansas side or the Missouri side, Gail's has something for everyone. She has the best prices on new and used bikes in the area. What a difference it makes to see the owner of the dealership walk around and actually greet and talk to her customers. . . . Page 50

Motorcycles, Snow and Football
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday ! The 6th annual vintage motorcycle show and swap meet takes place Superbowl Sunday, February 1st, in Lawrence, Kansas. This show always has a remarkable amount of awesome bikes and a lot of them very old. .. . Page 52

King Midas
This bike began as a 2003 Screamin' Eagle Road King and it came in the standard gold color that Harley used that year. We had a big discussion regarding the color of the bike when planning the bike build. The OEM gold color had grown on us so we decided to keep the bike gold. Because the OEM gold was a little weak, we mixed up our own batch of gold with more flake and a much warmer tone. We used this custom gold to paint the entire bike after bodyworking frame, swingarm, handlebars, and all the other body panels.. . . Page 60

Croft Trailer Introduces New Sure-Trac Toy Hauler
Croft and Sure-Trac has introduced a new twist on their top-notch toy haulers—a toy hauler with a Walk-On Roof Observation Deck. Sure, it's got all of the built-in luxury features you have come to expect with a Sure-Trac special build V-nose enclosed toy hauler; but once you step through the 36" RV side door, with a crank-out window, keyless entry system, and LED lighted step, you can scurry up the 7.5' fixed-mount anodized blue interior ladder, pop through the 26"x26" escape hatch for roof access, and observe your surroundings from the 8'x10' Walk-On Roof Observation Deck, with railing. Think how much fun that would be at your next motorcycle rally, racing event, hunting trip, family picnic, etc. The adventure possibilities are endless.. . . Page 72

Hard Core Cafe
Do you have any idea how many times through the years I've heard a bike shop owner state that he was going to open a bar and grille or restaurant in conjunction with his motorcycle business? Would you believe almost every single one has made the claim at one point or another? Now take a stab at how many have actually stepped up and turned their words into a reality. Exactly two that I know of have actually put their money where their mouths are. Rick Fairless with Strokers Dallas and now Kevin Burns with his Hard Core Café are those two. . . Page 75

Plus a whole lot more...




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