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This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.


Here's a Sampling of the
Bike Show Issue's Features:

Corporal Farmer's Bobbed Shovelhead is Army Strong
Dial back with me to the height of the Cold War. You remember these days; the oil embargo and Jimmy Carter were still fresh in our minds, newly elected president Ronald Reagan had just fired the air traffic controllers for slouching on the job and he was in the mood to take precisely zero shit from the loudmouthed Soviets. The Berlin Wall was still standing and Harley-Davidson was right smack dab in the middle of the greatest comeback in motorcycle history.. . . Page 6

Staying Warm on the Holidays
Well, you made it. You survived another Christmas and endured another New Year’s celebration without having to go to rehab (hopefully). A new year is here and Wide Open is already gearing up for a wicked Spring of riding, loving and being awesome. We’re kicking off with the baddest bike show in Kansas City and with the excellent weather we can expect this upcoming Spring it’s time to think of where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do....Page 10

Wide Open’s Raging Red Ride
Riddle me this: what’s bright red, completely badass and surrounded by gorgeous hot chicks? Well, it ain’t Ralph but it is Ralph’s radical and radiant red Road Glide…or at least FLTRX is the designation this screamingly insane bit of eye-candy started its life from Gail’s Harley-Davidson, H-D Queen of the Midwest. Now it’s something different, something amazing…and of course it happened under the guiding hand of Paul Harper and his skilled staff at Turkey Creek Cycles. For the sake of succinctness and clarity, we’ll just call it The Rage. . . .12

Red on Black Fast Attack
When James Lawrence dropped his Harley off at Turkey Creek Customs, it was a bone stock 2013 Streetglide in basic black. Ninety days later, he picked up a unique work of art. Paul Harper and crew had transformed the FLXH into a lean and mean, one-up hardbagger. And this being James’ first American iron he didn’t waste any time getting into a little chrome-on-black flash and flair. . .Page 22

Katzenmeier’s Liquid Steel Bagger
If Robocop rode a Hog he would only wish it looked as badass as this latest creation from our good friends at Hard Core Customs. With a shining steel gray paint job from master artist Wes McCauley that just simply bellows American iron, Jesse Katzenmeier’s machine is all twisted steel and sex appeal. Hard Core Customs place as a premier bike shop in the Kansas City area is secure, and along with the conveniently next door Hard Core Café, owner Kevin Burns has brought us yet another masterpiece. . . Page 26

Moonshiner Josh Owens
I first ran across this North Carolina Hillbilly in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We were hanging out at the Franklin Hotel in downtown Deadwood. This was during the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and we were here for the Buffalo Chip’s 8th Annual Legends Ride. Six hundred or more riders show up every year to support the young adults of the Black Hills Special Olympics. You can always find a lot of TV personalities and celebrity bike builders in town for this occasion but it was very cool to see Josh standing in the middle of all the Special Olympians with his arms around them making a very memorable day for all involved. ..Page 30

Full Throttle Saloon
Just when you think you’ve got the bull by the horns and he’s looking up at you with a big ass grin, experience should tell ya there’s going to be another bullshit storm coming. Seems like it’s always coming from one end or the other. ..Page 32

Twin Peaks
Scenic Views and Angel Wings
“Welcome to your mountain lodge getaway. Here at Twin Peaks, we offer everything you crave and more: hearty made-from-scratch comfort food, draft beer served at a teeth-chattering 29 degrees and all the best sports on TV shown on high-definition flat screens. All of this is served by our friendly and attentive Twin Peaks Girls, offering their signature “Girl Next Door” charisma and playful personalities to ensure that your adventure happens at the Peaks. We’re your Ultimate Sports Lodge – Game on!” exclaims the website. Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I didn’t. . .Page 46

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