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This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

Here's a Sampling of the
Spring Issue's Features:

2016 Wide Open Bike Show
By all accounts this year’s Wide Open Bike Show was a record setter, with over 300 entries including some of the wildest ever exhibits. It’s a good thing the KCI Expo Center has a 72,000 sq. ft. complex. The venders and motorcycles were wall to wall showing off the latest in motorcycles, accessories, leather apparel and anything else the motorcycle enthusiast could possible want or need.. . . Page 6

2016 Baddest Bagger in Kansas City Competition
Tony Frey, associate publisher of American Bagger/Urban Bagger magazines started out their 2016 Baddest Bagger Competitions right here at the Wide Open Bike Show. This year marks the 10th anniversary for publisher Dave Withrow’s American Bagger magazine. It was the first all bagger magazine and still is considered the leading force in the bagger industry. If it’s a new product for a bagger, you’ll see it first in one of Dave’s publications. ..Page 19

Frank Pedersen of Frankenstein Trikes Takes
1st Best of Show

This year’s First Place Best of Show winner has one more wheel than usual. Which is fitting, because it was a tire that inspired the project. Frank Pedersen, owner of Frankenstein Trikes, was wanting to build a cool ‘70s looking trike and had a Kraft Tech 4 speed frame and supercharged 93 S&S Shovelhead motor ready to go. While looking at photos from one of his Japanese dealers, he was inspired by the tires on one of the builds - low and wide tires from a Lamborghini Countach. This look went along perfectly with the concept of a ‘70s trike with Indy car tires. . .24

Mark Kozak Takes 2nd Best of Show
Second Place Best of Show this year goes to a motorcycle that’s less than a decade shy of a hundred years old: Mark Kozak’s impeccably restored 1925 Indian Prince, which also took First Place in the Vintage category.. . .Page 28

Tim Downey’s YOLO Takes 3rd Best of Show
Of what is greatness made? It’s hard to admit it but at times these are more than just motorcycles; custom chopper or bagger, doesn’t matter. And the machine is more than the maker, as world famous master maker Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycle in Ft. Lauderdale would attest to. An ancient maritime tradition is to always have a lady christen a ship before it takes to sea, and when Tim Downey’s daughter, Crystal, took one look at this Trotta award-winning masterpiece the first thing out of her heart were the words, “Right on, dad. You only live once.” So in this case, the bike (YOLO) makes the man and the man (Tim Downey) makes the bike, and the two go together like America and baseball.. . Page 32

Carpenter’s Ol’ Iron Motorcycle Exhibit
Hidden away in the bucolic town of Pleasanton Kansas (population 1,187) is one of the most impressive motorcycle collections in the Midwest. And, during the summer, this little known gem is open to the public on the first and third Saturday of the month. . .Page 36

St. Joe Harley-Davidson Kicks Off the Riding Season
Shoot back in time with me a bit. Not so far back as the Pony Express Days but you can still feel the rumble of the iron horses that tamed the Midwest, and 1960 is a good place to pause in the area of historic St. Joseph, Missouri, home of St. Joe Harley-Davidson...Page 38

The All-New Victory Octane Roars to Life
Most folks think there are only a few American-made motorcycles, and from a point of view they’re right. But from another point of view they’re complete idiots…much like myself! Harley, Indian and Victory, right? Well…yes. And by yes I of course mean no. . . .Page 40

HistoricHarley-Davidson of Topeka builds “MODERN EVEL”
A reception and fashion show preceded the unveiling of “Modern Evel” at Historic Harley-Davidson in Topeka, Kansas on Friday, February 26, 2016. This dealership has special ties to Evel Knievel and I found out that they were participating in a build-off called “Harley-Davidson Custom Kings” contest....44

The Adventures of Arizona: Winter Biker’s Dream
There’s no place under the sun like Sun Valley and there’s no biker’s paradise in the U.S. of ass-kicking A. like the great state of Arizona for those who ride to live and live to ride. Our journey starts in, of course, Phoenix but if you’re wiser than I you’ll not miss out on Tucson as I did. Not for the faint of heart in high summer, as the asphalt will cook the rubber right off your wheels, but the history alone is enough to make your heart swell with gunfighter’s iron horse pride....46

Lonnie Griffin’s 2013 Road Glide
Every season is marked by certain events. In Spring, the grass sprouts and flowers begin to bloom. Summer brings long days and kids playing by the pool. When temperatures drop, and so do the leaves, we know Fall is here. And every Winter, just before the snow flies, Lonnie Griffin’s Road Glide makes the journey from Omaha, Nebraska to Gladstone, Missouri for its latest round of custom work by the one and only Hard Core Customs....48

2016 Sedalia Motorcycle Association’s Show Me Bike Show
We had a great show this year. The weather turned out great and the bikes showed up. We had 70 entries with over 1200 people through the door. Two great bands of Oxline and Dirt Road Addition provided music for everyone. The great quality of bikes this year really showed as people continued to comment on FaceBook even today. Bikes from the Kansas City area, St. Louis area and from down at the Lake came to make quite the display and it took the three judges most of the afternoon to give each bike a look from headlight to tailpipe....52

Plus a whole lot more...



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